Dr. A. John Peter, M.A.,M.A.,M.A.,M.Phil.,M.Ed.,Ph.D.


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“கேடில் விழுச்செல்வம் கல்வி ஒருவற்கு
மாடல்ல மற்றை யவை”

"Learning is the true imperishable riches All other things are not riches"

As mentioned in Universal Veda Thirukkural, knowledge obtained by learning is an eternal wealth. I'm glad to be one of the pioneers in the learning process both in Academic & Professional career and contributing it as well to next generations especially women community which is considered to be the strongest part of populace. I am proud enough to work in this renowned institution where versatile seniors served with dedication and I'm grateful to them for being the torch bearers of my path. I feel honored to play the lead role in this Institution where I served yesteryears. I wish to pursue this career with a virtue of fidelity. I invite everyone of this family to add more beautiful feathers in the crown of this Institution by sincerely working together.

Let the Almighty shower the blessings to all fraternities of this Institution...!